November Poems........

BE in me as the eternal moods
of the bleak wind, and not

As transient things are—
gaiety of flowers.
Have me in the strong loneliness
of sunless cliffs

And of gray waters.
Let the gods speak softly of us

In days hereafter,
the shadowy flowers of Orcus

Remember thee.

Ezra Pound


If only, when harbored
among debris, littered confusion,
we throw angry words like stones
at each other,

or walk away
the last snapshot for memory

a defiant, sullen back
or a careless kiss dockside,
hurried and heedless

if only, if only
at such partings,
we could know them
for what they are:

Goodbyes that last a lifetime.

I would have asked you
to set me adrift with love.

To fill my yellow sails
with your blessing
as I blow mine into yours.