The Hidden Sea

"The Hidden Sea" (2010)

Time does funny things in the desert.....sometimes it reveals an entire ocean, it's frozen tide pools and fossilized sea creatures, below, ebbing for a moment, it's currents.   I am always impressed by the notion that I walk on the bed of an ancient ocean.

One of the stories by Ursula K. Leguin I love is "The Masters".  In that tale a medieval astronomer, perhaps an astrologer or an alchemist,  is driven into hiding underground in mine shafts.  There, he discovers "the stars beneath".........the Hidden Sky. 

Here's The Hidden Sky: Fibonacci Movie from Cara Reichel on Vimeo, in conjunction with a 2010 play based upon Ursula Leguin's story.  It's so beautiful, I felt like looking at it again.

The Hidden Sky:  Fibonacci Movie from Cara Reichel on Vimeo.