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  • speddi
    12-09 10:19 AM
    I was able to get copies of all the documents (labor,140 and 485) from the attorney. Is it mandatory to file AC21? When I asked my attorney the fee to file AC21, he said it is $750 to $1500. What is the normal fee for AC21?

    Also, the job description says 'VB .Net' but the new job is in C#. Does it make any difference?

    Thank you

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  • dhesha
    12-16 04:29 PM
    Congrats and Best Wishes , It happened to my friend also, His PD is March 05 and got the approval on 10/29/08

    I am just so frustrated (and happy for the TSC folks) that why all this approval thing is happening only in TSC, what is wrong with Nebraska

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  • Digitalosophy
    11-02 04:17 PM
    No hard feelings. I just really need to get back on my feet, since I am relatively busy I just got my own place, and I really need an idea to set me in motion. I am not a spontaneous artist in any sense at all.

    There are many members here, who are looking to get better and get some experience just like you. Maybe you can team up with someone, and do some cool projects to build a portfolio, etc.

    Also you should make yourself a website displaying your work that you have now.


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  • raj3078
    07-27 12:40 PM
    I left it blank and specifically asked my attorney if i can leave it blank , he said its ok .

    If it is filled, it is okay, not filled, still it is okay... Its probably more important for East Asian countries who do not work in English such as Korea or China. For the places which works in English, its no big deal...
    Please note that the form is intended to help Law Agencis in USA such as FBI/CIA to find authenticate the info provided by you. They might contact your home country cops to find out more about you. In case where home country cop may not know English, they would want to know native lang name so that Home Country cop can read it....Most places can read-write English now a days....So this is not an issue....
    I think this is somewhat legacy requirement which was important 40 years back but not anymore


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  • sertasheep
    06-30 04:33 PM
    How many of you are willing to share your name and full details of yourselves and application with the media and lawmakers?

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  • gogreen39
    07-24 04:29 PM
    Hi ,

    Our attorney mailed our applications to NSC on 7thJune and thru USPS tracking number, we know it has reached NSC on11th June early morning. Have called NSC 5 times in last 3weeks, but every time, I am told our data is not in the system.... Our attorney is asking us to hold on for some more time, till he hears from his bank if the checks have been encashed??? But till now, no news...

    Kindly let us know, if anybody who have filed at same time and have not yet received any update???

    Thanks in advance!!!!


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  • vasudevan_c
    02-15 09:25 AM
    Yes, it is possible because H1-B is a dual intent visa.

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  • sunelhulikere
    08-28 04:45 PM
    I was in a similar situation but since I had efiled, i had the LIN #. So i sent the photos after 2 weeks from my filing date. Did not wait for RFE. I received approvals on AP. In your case, you dont have a choice. In case you checks are cashed, try to capture the receipt # and then send the pictures by referncing the receipt #. It will make your case processing faster.


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  • unseenguy
    11-30 10:36 PM
    Thanks for the comment!

    I've done the entire process on my own untill today. I also did not have any lawyers involved in any of the misdemeanors. I do have documentation of all the cases. All cases are closed and I'm just paying the fines and have to put up with the probation. I spoke to a lawyer (first time I met with him) today and he advise me to pay him $600 to accompany me to the interview.

    Any take on the lawyer's advice? Or can I take the challenge on my own?

    Better to take a lawyer with you. He knows immigration law better than you do. At the most you stand to lose 600 bucks that way.

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  • hojo
    09-09 08:50 PM
    wouldn't importing a png into flash throw the file size way up there?


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  • sodh
    07-18 07:56 PM
    Please meet your senator or someone influential.

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  • factoryman
    06-20 06:02 PM
    He does tests or send for tests. HIV and syphilis.

    There are places (even though not remote) , you cant get appointments for weeks. There must be different reasons for that. I don't think any one answered the OP question:

    What blood tests need to be done (apart from HIV and Siphyllis)?


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  • nousername
    02-25 04:35 PM
    You are wrong, H1 by it's definition is a dual intent visa. On the other hand F1 is where it is assumed that you will go back after completing your education.

    H1B is temporary visa.
    Green Card is permanent.

    On H1B you can even come to USA for 1 day and go back. But on Greencard you are asking to say here permanently with family. You are also asking for family be given all Green Card benefits like ability to work etc. So it makes sense to count dependents. On H1B the employer is only giving you the job and calling you. So you get work permit. Wife and children do not. You are being called only because USA needs your valuable skills and they cannot find Americans. There is no I485 stage on H1B visa. Wife coming on H4 is only to stay with you. This is understood even before she applied for the visa. So there is no reason for wife to complain that she cannot work on H4. On Greencard I485 stage, once the employer has established no American is available to work, you petition USCIS to allow your wife to stay with you as you also will stay permanently. in I485 you ask for the benefits of permanent residency for wife and children.

    So it makes sense for counting dependents in the quota. What we should focus on is removing country limits. Country limits are discriminatory. It is morally wrong.

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  • breddy2000
    07-19 10:10 AM
    My lawyer sent me the fedex tracking sheet for the I-485 package sent to:

    Nebraska Service Center
    850 S Street
    Lincoln, NE 68508

    I did not see any PO Box on the Fedex tracking sheet. I am not sure if she put the PO Box on the shipping label or not??

    Is it a big deal?? Will my application be accepted.

    Please help

    Is your Fed Ex delivery to NSC? Do you know who signed your Package.
    It was R. Williams for me.

    Also there is a 4 digit reference : Case #xxxx . Do you have that, Is it anything to do with our 485 or is it just the FEDEX reference number?


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  • calboy78
    07-28 01:59 PM
    Kewl, so, its a dead mass update, No worries, thanks, Thread can be closed

    What does "dead mass update" mean ? btw I am EB2 with PD in APR 04 and I got soft LUD on my approved 140, and APs on July 27.

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  • immi_enthu
    10-01 04:58 PM
    I doubt that all the pending applicants in EB categories will be forced to re-apply in the new point based systems. That system might be for the new applicants, There might very well be a recapture for all the lost visa so far...to get thru the pending applications quickly so that the new point based system would be in place...I highly doubt that all the pending applicants will be forced to apply in the point based system...I would like to get input from others as well

    Going by the fact about what happened to the labor certification cases filed before April 2005 (They were sent to BECs and most of them were stuck there till December 2007). But the labor certifications by the new PERM system where approved within weeks. I am afraid same would happen if the new point system comes into place while the old GCs will be stuck until several years.

    Ofcourse most of them will apply again through the new system if this happens. In a way forced to apply again in the new system.


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  • uma001
    05-07 10:35 AM
    There was no agreement signed. It was just agreed on an email. Am i still bound with the emplyment laws. Just want to understand before taking any steps. Also the project has ended after 4 month but i don't have any document. Also company B can't reveal any internal documents.

    Buddy, You won't get legal notice . Don't worry too much. Company A is just threatening you.

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  • pmamp
    12-05 01:58 PM
    I found this link for LC case disclosure data. I don't see any case data for 2005 cases which were filed pre-PERM. If someone has that link please share.


    It was given on LC copy. Also, some one last year posted a URL to DOL website where all the LC in each particular year where published as a part of public disclosure. I could actually found mine with my company name, date, salary and some guestmates. I will post the URL if I can find it back.

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  • gconmymind
    03-31 05:39 PM
    I do not think it is a normal scenario. A lot of my friends work for in the software industry. There are generally no delays in getting a paystub if salary is deposited regularly.

    Please ask your employer to be more prompt at providing pay stubs as you need those for everything that requires income proof.

    February 27th, 2004, 09:36 AM
    Sounds like traffic jams might be a good place to 'trap' (Another Royal Navy term)

    02-23 10:54 AM
    Makes sense but a couple of my friends who traveled during the winter break and came back through ATL did not have an issue, so that was where I was coming from.

    As i said you may or may not have an issue. Makes common sense to carry documents if you do get asked. I had issues when i came through IAD in Apr 2009. Things may have improved during the interim. I know of friends of mine who had no issues on AP and i also know of a GC Holder who got stuck in immigration for 5 hours. I guess it just depends on what kind of person is the POE officer in the secondary inspection room