James Lovelock, Father of Gaia Theory

I've not had much time to write lately.  An update to the massive Wallow fire that is threatening Anima Sanctuary in New Mexico - it continues to approach Reserve, N.M., but hasn't arrived.  All the folks there are busy around the clock clearing their land, and preparing for evacuation if necessary.  We continue to pray for them, and to pray for rain.  I think of the many Kachinas I've seen that represent the thunderclouds of New Mexico monsoon season, dark threads of rain flowing beneath them.  Nothing, in the desert, is more precious than rain.

James Lovelock, the Father of Gaia Theory (with collaborator Lynn Margulis) is 93.  I was pleased to find several recent interviews with him on UTube, and felt like sharing them here.  As Dr. Harding comments, James Lovelock should have received the Nobel Prize long ago.