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  • gcobsessed
    12-04 04:22 PM

    I have my EAD. Once I pass the 180 day limit for AC21 portability, can I move to a different state and a different job ? (provided salary and job specifications match )


    Be careful if your I-140 is pending. This issue has been discussed in several threads...

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  • rameshk75
    12-06 08:15 AM
    How do you know that name check and background were completed in October? Did you call USCIS?

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-20 08:00 AM
    On Saturday morning, the Senate failed to advance the DREAM Act (H.R. 5281) on a vote of 55-41. Sixty votes were needed to move the bill forward procedurally and stop any filibuster. With that loss, the fight for the DREAM Act is over, at least for this Congress. Below is a summary of Greg Chen's report of this vote.

    The vote tally in support of DREAM included three Republicans who crossed the aisle to join 50 Democrats and 2 Independents. Those three Rs were: Richard Lugar (IN) and Robert Bennett (UT) who had come out in support long ago and Lisa Murkowski (AK) who started signaling this week that she would vote �yes�. With their yes votes, DREAM maintained its status as a bi-partisan bill back nine years to when it was first introduced with seven Republican co-sponsors. Today, long-time DREAM champion Orrin Hatch (R-UT) failed even to show for the bill he originally sponsored in August 2001.

    Unfortunately the gain of three Republicans today was not enough to make up the difference. Combined there are 58 Democrats and Independents in the Senate, and there are 42 Republicans. If all the Ds and Is voted in favor, only two Rs would have been needed to reach 60. But today 5 Democrats voted against DREAM: Baucus (MT); Hagan (NC); Nelson (NE); Pryor (AR); and Tester (MT). And one Democrat, newly elected Joe Manchin (WV) failed to show. To win on �cloture� 60 votes were needed no matter how many actually voted. Thus, a no-show counted as a �no� vote.

    As the 111th Congress comes to its sputtering halt, at least on immigration, the question many are asking is whether there will be a real opportunity to bring up DREAM in the 112th. Looking forward, we face at least two enormous legislative challenges: First, the House will shift to Republican control with 242 Rs and 193 Ds. Last week the House passed DREAM on a 218-198 vote�you can bet your house we won�t muster a strong showing like that, let alone a majority, when the new session starts. Second, in the Senate, the Democrats will still have the majority but their margin of control will be 53-47 so getting the �yes� votes will also be harder in that chamber.

    For many of us the source of continued inspiration has been to see all the DREAM activists walking the halls of the capitol and showing tremendous courage when they are the ones who have everything at risk. Let's keep a positive spirit for the future as the fight is not over yet.

    More... (

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  • ssdtm
    12-05 03:59 PM
    Yes. There are people who never had H1 ever from cos, and still got their GC.


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  • snathan
    02-12 09:48 AM
    My understanding is that state in which you work you need to pay the taxes for that state. And I believe sometime in GC interview they ask for tax papers , during that time it should not create problems.

    When you are not staying in that state why do you need to pay the tax.

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  • LCSufferer
    04-16 01:31 PM

    Congrats Kapil. Our I-485 recept dates were on 04/12/2007. Prior to last month as it was UNAVAILABLE we thought we should wait for a long time to see some movement. But now that they are avaialble we are looking forward (infact when I logged onto my portfolio, which I do almost every day to see if there are any Last Update Dates) to get ours approved. But haven't had any luck thought. We also have renewed our EADs second time just got approved on 03/24/08 (recipt dates were on 02/15/08).

    Not sure if there will be any change in the LUDs on all of our cases like I40s (converted from EB3 to EB2) and on our prior H1s and I - 485s before it gets approved but just hanging in there. Hopefully I will post here some time soon about our 485 approval news.

    Any ways Congratulations and BOTTMS UP :)

    Wish you a Happy New to you and your family too.



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  • desigirl
    11-10 12:13 PM
    sorry folks. that was I485 /AC21

    What did the USCIS do?

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  • pthooran
    09-04 10:07 PM

    I have planned to cancel my appointment and go to India for stamping. Did you get a refun on your Scotia bank reciept. If so please let me know so I can also work on getting a refund. Where in India did you go for your interview?



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  • pramodirt
    12-06 11:49 AM
    Hi Thanks SGP for the response.

    I applied to Vermont.

    In case if I wont get receipt notice by Dec 15, is it ok to leave US on Dec 15th or I have to leave US before Dec 15th?

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  • waitin_toolong
    07-18 01:34 PM
    your wife is fine, with H1 transfer there is no need to file H4 transfer. She is not out of status.

    If she had presented the new H1 approval she would have got I-94 based on that date. So just apply for her H4 extension now.

    And no issues with filing I-485


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  • nychyd
    01-05 06:01 PM
    My H1B was filled 4 years back, with 20k less than what I am making as long as i making whatever i filed in H1, I should be fine..right ?

    Since you're on H1 that might be a problem as your W2 will reflect the lwage info . You can either take a leave of absence for a month or 2 (not more than that) If there's a query during H1 extension , you can let them know that you had taken a leave. Draft a leave letter and mail it to the employer so that he has it in records.

    But if you use your EAD it doesnt matter. You dont have to worry about the 3months.

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  • kalkix
    08-10 06:09 PM
    USCIS is just fooling with you. :D you are an eastern European, right?


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  • itsokgc
    07-18 01:17 PM
    Hi guys,

    I have the following clarification:

    Earlier, I was working with Employer A and came to US after getting H1-B stamped.
    Subsequently, my spouse has got her H4 visa stamped.

    So, both of our visas are valid till 30th Sept 2007. My wife joined me in December 2005.

    Then I changed my employer in April 2006, where I got my I-129 approved from Employer B.

    In the meantime, my wife/spouse went to India in April 2006 & came back to US using old visa on July 15th 2006.

    At port of Entry she got I-94 valid till 30th Sept 2007 (validity date of the old visa A)

    I never got her I-94/H4 using the new I-129 from Employer B (Current Employer).

    On July 3rd, I submitted my I-485 AOS for both of us.

    I have the following question:
    1. Is her I-94 still valid based on the old visa ?
    2. Will there be any issues for not filing for H4 visa till now, even though I am planning to
    apply right away as her I-94 is getting expired on 30th Sept 2007.
    3. Is she out of Status as I left the old employer more than 180 days ago.
    4. Will she have any issues as far as AOS is concerned.

    Your valuable views will be highly appreciated.

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  • desitechie
    06-03 07:28 PM
    No it is normal. I also got AP same day, mine was going to expire 28-Aug. Same validity - 20 -may.

    But I dont care, because for me only expense is photographs and mail charges. I filed under new fee structure.

    Thank you for the immediate response.

    I did under the old structure and need to pay renewal fees everytime.

    How long did it take for the document to reach you after approval?



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  • NKR
    02-19 01:05 PM
    Did it say state of residence as TN or Tamil Nadu, if it is TN, then it could be Tenesse?. I don't know what I am saying...

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  • WhatWentWrong
    05-19 11:49 AM
    Thank you !


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  • s416504
    11-17 08:48 AM
    Please Update your profile.

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  • alien2006
    07-13 07:45 AM
    I would not get married until I have the GC in hand. In the mean time ask your gf/fiance to start her GC process thro employer. Once you have your GC, you can get married and apply for her GC. Whicher way her GC comes first - i.e. through employer sponsored or through your sponsorship, go with that. I think its taking around 3-4 years for GC to sponsor their spouse.

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  • rbharol
    08-05 10:52 AM

    06-24 01:20 PM
    Makes sense. Thank you for your reply.

    11-13 12:44 AM
    Has anybody tried getting an FP by walking in at an ASC? If you have waited really long enough, will the ASC entertain you if you produce them the I-485 receipts?

    Yes, I just did that last month. I went to take my FP a week before my actual appointment date. I just walked in on Saturday morning. They were nice and helpful. But I did take my 485 Notice and FP Notice, you do need that. Mine was done in St. Paul, Minnesota service center.