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  • Steve Mitchell
    October 24th, 2004, 02:18 PM
    Don't forget another way to eliminate the possibility of two high a voltage is to use a wireless system using pocket wizards from your hotshoe. Dyna-lite makes a wide range of wireless pack and strobe systems.

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  • alien2006
    07-14 01:25 PM
    I thought that the ideal time would be before applying for I485, and thus the dependant spouse would automatically get a gc with which ever spouse got the gc first. So I would think that both applying and getting married before either I485 is submitted, and who ever gets gc first their dependant spouse gets it too.

    If the I485 is already filed I don't know if it can be amended.

    I'm no attorney so you need to throughly research this.

    This is true if you are applyinf through employer based. But our guy is applying through family based and he marrying before getting his GC could push him to the next category and a wait of several years.

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  • a_yaja
    01-16 09:56 PM
    In Ohio, they issue a DL for one year from the application for H1B extension if the H1B has not been approved yet. It might be the same case in NC as well - it might be worth checking.

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  • rajhyd123
    10-12 09:52 AM
    Hi all,
    did any of your check cashed or did you receive the reciept notices. Please reply. thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • rheoretro
    10-03 12:06 PM
    The only other thing I think should be stressed is that we are already H1-b holders, already applied for green cards, so not taking any more jobs away from USCs. All we are asking for is expedited processing of our already filed applications.
    Then Numbersusa or other anti-immigration groups have no points to raise against us


    An H1-B never takes a job away from a US citizen...I know you know this, and meant it, but please amend your post, so that our friends on the other side don't start using our words disingenuously against us. As for the point that you brought up, I drove home that point repeatedly at an event in Washington, DC last Friday: we have already applied for our green cards.



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  • kirupa
    04-09 11:44 PM
    Added yours up ya3 :) uber, yours is nice also, but I like the colors in ya3's more.


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  • quot;Quitting smoking is easy.

  • paskal
    08-16 12:58 PM
    An iv chapter for MI has been created and is coordinated by Chintu25
    See below for details:

    Created a group for Michigan IV Memebers.

    Please join in and SHOW STRENGTH

    Bought IV Merchandize...Will flaunt it at the Rally

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  • AreWeThereYet
    08-04 09:37 AM
    Specific Adjudication Process Steps by Form Type on My Case Status: When customers check their case status online, the process steps they see will now be specific to the petition or application they submitted. Until recently, the website listed seven identical process steps for all forms, even though not all the steps applied to all the forms. With the new feature, process steps are customized for more than 40 form types.

    I like that. Thanks for posting the update.


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  • reachinus
    08-14 01:26 PM
    You are contradicting your statement - " H1 extension with CSC which was denied but I got a H1 approval notice", you say extension is denied but got approval notice. Approval for? Anyways, you have to ask the airlines to take the I-94, so that you can get a new one. Usually if you are going to Canada for less than 30 days they say that they will not take it. Either ask the airlines to take it or else when entering US explain ur situation to the IO and ask him to issue a new I-94. Hope this helps.

    If my answer is of help to you please consider contributing to IV so that we can continue our service.

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  • supu
    04-21 12:43 AM
    Can anyone please recommend a lawyer in Delhi for filling and helping in the I-824 or councillor processing for my Wife.
    I am looking for a lawyer , who has office in both Delhi and in USA , so they can take care of the complete process.

    I.e filing I-824 in USA and helping in india to prepare for the interview

    If not in delhi , then please recommend any where in India :)

    Also any idea , how much would it cost.

    Thanks in advance


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  • anyluck?
    06-18 12:58 AM

    My wife is on H4 visa.She got an offer from Non profit organization and they are ready to do H1B.As it is Non profit Organization is that correct she can start working as soon as H1B is approved.

    Is it possible to Transfer H1b in future to regular company if H1B quota exists.

    Are there any restrictions involved.

    Can any one please shed some light for me.


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  • willIWill
    10-29 05:30 PM
    I agree with you both on the points raised, but what particularly interested me was the stat below and also given that 'the labour market traditionally lags behind any wider economic recovery'.

    " However, the number of people still on jobless aid after an initial week of benefits slid by 148,000 to 5.8 million in the week ended October 17. It was the lowest reading since March, hinting at some stability in the job market."

    Bottomline is we are not in a L or U pattern( prolonged stagnation). Also given that the last quarter traditionally has a stronger retail growth due to the Holiday season, Whether it is a V or W shaped recovery is what remains to be seen.


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  • ticktoe
    07-12 07:11 PM
    -Min 5 years of Functional and Technical experience.
    -Exp with Microsoft .Net OR JAVA Technology
    -Bachelors or Masters Degree is preffered.

    The above ad sent out by my company is very confusing to me. Please some one help me understand the ad.

    I have MS + 2.3 yrs of experience. 2.3 yrs is gained as Programmer analyst/software developer

    your ideas are helpful

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  • getgreensoon1
    04-26 11:46 AM
    I am wondering if anybody had done this before: I want to work part time (20 hrs/week) for 6 months( and no other job). I am on H1 but I also have EAD. So I am wondering if there are any implications to this such as I need to amend my H1b , because of some obscure law my GC process will be affected. Any input is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    I had a friend in the same situation. Had H1 and EAD. He worked halftime for two years to finish his MBA. Now went back to fulltime H1. I think your company has to approve it and yes he filed ammendment.


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  • pappu
    10-16 12:43 PM
    If you are suffering from Namechecks and have a compelling story, pls post in brief on this thread. We will use your stories while speaking with lawmakers and reporters. You may also be asked to speak to the media. Please make sure your profile is complete. No anonymous members please.

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  • paystubissue
    03-16 12:27 AM
    Hi all,

    Please help me with the following questions.

    I am planning to apply for h1b transfer in the near future but with a paystub that is having salary lesser than the usual one. Is that advisable to do premium processing in this case?

    I am looking for the premium processing option as I might have to travel outside USA before I could know about the result(approval or rejection) so I assumed that I can know the result through premium processing, travel without any problem and can get it stamped too.

    Or is it fine to travel when I have applied for the transfer?I have my company A visa(which I got last year) stamped in my passport.

    please let me know your thoughts



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  • drirshad
    09-16 04:53 AM
    Your husband could have answered this question with his 8th year extension in progress. But here it is, once you start working for a company on H1 and they file ur GC starting with LC and if the process is pending for a year then u get automatic extensions going forward. With PERM the LC is getting approved more faster and you should have it within the year. As for H1 to wait until oct 2007 that will be for new H1's if u were already on a h1 before you can convert to one anytime not waiting until oct2007. :)

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  • El Hacko
    June 12th, 2006, 10:20 PM
    I agree with Jliechty...Colorful photo Antoine but less bokeh and focus for all the berries in this one make it a winner. Got to say, the lighting and colors look great!

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  • tawlibann
    07-09 01:25 PM
    What is your PD & EB Category please?

    How is that relevant? The guy said the date is not current.

    I'm guessing the email he got was a standard form email created before July fiasco when having an open 485 application pretty much meant your date was current. Now this is no longer relevant. They won't make a decision until the PD becomes current, and even then they may follow up with RFE about whether he still holds the same position, etc. So pretty much he shouldn't expect to hear anything from them in 60 days regardless of what he email says.

    07-17 08:33 PM
    They are increasing the fees only for the other apllications. I-485 and the related ones will maintain the same fees until August 17th. I think it says so on the announcement from USCIs.

    04-20 01:31 PM
    John McCain: Illegal Immigrants 'Intentionally Causing Accidents On The Freeway' (